Ken Gavranovic is the Chief Technology Officer for New Relic Corporation (NASDAQ:NEWR).

He specializes in leading global enterprises through transformations, helping organizations scale-up and out, and translating customer first “talk” into customer first action. Ken has been a public CEO, CTO, Angel Investor, and consultant, including founding Interland, which as CEO/Founder, he took public on NASDAQ, now known as WEB.COM (NASDAQ:WEB).

Prior to New Relic, Ken was a digital transformation leader at Cox Automotive (Kelly Blue Book, AutoTrader, Manheim Auto Auctions, Dealer Track among other business units).

He has led and consulted with global enterprises on patterns for successful digital transformations including Cloud, DevOps/Agile, Digital Experience first, omnichannel, “customer backwards” product development, and migrating success metrics from “think/feel” to data driven results, as well as other initiatives.

Following Ken’s 28-years in technology, he brings a wealth of experience in almost every role, from software developer to CTO, and from system administrator to CEO. He has been a leader in most vertical applications/models including SaaS, B2B, B2C, financials, brick and mortar, retail, and wholesale among others. Ken has been featured on CNN, CNBC and other media outlets.



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