Fighting the system or changing the world?

Throughout my entire professional career, I have always asked why?  Why can’t it be better? In every success as in every failure, I believe we have an opportunity to improve ourselves.  We can always make our methods better and our … Read More

How do you Decouple monolithic enterprise applications into micro services while balancing innovation with stability? Adrian Cockcroft

In my day job, I run the production engineering teams across the company, application support, and development teams for our digital products.  We can’t afford to go down and when we do, it is often due to the service behind it. … Read More

Monitoring and Automation

A few days ago I had the pleasure of giving an M.talks live at Manheim on the topic of Simulcast monitoring.  Simulcast is one of the most widely used tools we have here at Manheim, and over the first few … Read More