Throughout my entire professional career, I have always asked why?  Why can’t it be better?

In every success as in every failure, I believe we have an opportunity to improve ourselves.  We can always make our methods better and our work more efficient.  I constantly ask myself, if given the same circumstances, how can we have a different outcome next time?

This thought process has served me well in my entrepreneurial and corporate life.  I am so blessed to be in a large enterprise in full migration to teams that strive to challenge the status quo, who fight for a better tomorrow, for our customers and our company.

Adrian Cockcroft says it plainly in this video.  “Part of the struggle, then,” explains Netflix’ notoriously creative cloud architect, “is…where does this talent come from?  Look inside, find your own talent, and get out of its way.”

Therein lies the real heart of success.  When a corporate structure is designed to do a specific task a certain way, it is not an ideal workplace for creativity.  It is the workplace of people who perpetually play it safe.  That’s not what I want in business.  I look for people who are constantly fighting a system like that.  Because when I get them on my team and set them free to do their own work, I know they’ll come up with solutions that will change the world.

To the folks that desire a better tomorrow…to the dreamers…the go-getters…

To the people who see mountains of trash and see a renewable energy source, or find an old piece of wood and turn it into a table…

…I say keep on fighting the system.  That’s the only way you’ll change the world.


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