A few days ago I had the pleasure of giving an M.talks live at Manheim on the topic of Simulcast monitoring.  Simulcast is one of the most widely used tools we have here at Manheim, and over the first few months of the year it was giving us a lot of trouble.  Customers were encountering audio and visual issues that made streaming impossible. 

In this talk, I go into the details of how I was able to work with my team to assess the cause of the problem and create a customized solution.  This is at the heart of what any great software engineering team does:  we discover a problem that one specific user is having and craft a solution that fixes the problem and prevents it from happening again.

In this case, we were able to come up with a software tool that is able to pinpoint the exact location of an issue in our Simulcast system and determine the proper course of action to fix it.  Since its implementation, this software has allowed us to preemptively fix over 400 issues that would otherwise have resulted in an unsatisfied customer.

It has reduced the mean time to repair, created accountability within the responsible teams, and lead to a higher uptime.  For us as a company, it’s a terrific result that has created higher overall customer satisfaction.  For me personally, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment to take a specific issue and turn it into an automated monitoring and response solution.

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